Get ready to run The Incredible Race!

July 14th-July 18th 6:00-8:30

  • For all children ages 4 - completed 5th grade

  • Family Day will be on Sunday July 21st during 11:00 service with a free meal to follow.

  • A light dinner will be served each night during VBS 


It's a Vacation Bible School like no other!

Kids will race from continent to continent uncovering clues and attempting challenges as they fill their score cards.

They'll also discover that, no matter where we live, what shade of skin we have, or what language we speak, we are all part of the same race—the human race—and all part of the same family from Adam and Eve.

As they examine the events surrounding the tower of Babel, kids will learn that God is calling people from every tribe and nation through his Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. And that he wants us to share this good news in kindness and love with our neighbors nearby and far away.

Join The Incredible Race and experience God's love for every tribe, language, and nation!



Volunteer Positions are listed below

Day 2_Arabian Camel_Jamal.png

  • Group Leaders: No teaching required! Just a little patience and lots of love. In this role, you will watch over a group of children from arrival to dismissal, leading them through the VBS rotations.

  • Exploration Station Helpers: In this position, you will help prepare, set up, and guide the children through your assigned craft or activity (some might be science experiments). You will learn one craft and repeat it each night in 30 min. rotations. By the last night, all groups will have come to you once.

  • Games/Recreation: This will be outside, weather permitting. Assist with games and recreation. Will be finished at 8:00.


  • Registration: The registration team will need to arrive at 5:30 and greet and assist families with registering or signing in their children for VBS. Registration workers will be finished around 6:30.

  • Meal Prep/Service Team: In this position, you will help prepare and serve the food for the children and volunteers each night. We will need one or two people to assist in getting tables ready as the groups rotate through.

  • Photographer: In this role, you will capture the kids in candid pictures as they experience VBS each night. You will need to own your own quality camera and have the knowledge and ability to put your photos in a slideshow.

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Day 3_African Pup Patrol.png
  • Parking Lot Attendant: This role is for someone who is able to spend a couple of hours outdoors, monitoring the lot as our children are playing outside, blocking off entrances as needed, and directing cars into the pick up line at the end of the night.

  • Decorating Team: No artistic skills needed! We need many hands to cut, paint, put together, etc. decorations in the weeks leading up to VBS. If you can’t be there during VBS, but would still like to help, this is a great option!

  • Set-Up/Takedown Team: If working with children isn’t your cup of tea, but you want to be a part of this outreach, we can definitely use your help setting up on Saturday, July 14th or taking it all down following VBS on Thursday night.

  • Drama: Limited roles are available for the drama team. Must be able to commit to learning lines and practicing prior to the start of VBS.

  • Teaching: In this role, you will be responsible for teaching the Bible lesson to groups of children. You would be teaching alongside another adult and will be teaching either primary (4 yrs to 2nd grade) or junior (3rd through 5th). You will be teaching provided curriculum and will need to prepare and help set up room.

  • Follow-Up Outreach: We need volunteers to visit the guests that attend VBS and deliver cookies and information about Belmont.

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